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I have already imported photos into Lightroom. How should I use FilterPixel?

Well the best way is that you take your culled files to Lightroom but If you have already imported all your photos to Lightroom, here is your workflow:

Open FilterPixel App & Create a project inside it by importing the folder that you want to cull
Let the AI tag the undesired photos as rejects
If you want the AI to select the best photos automatically considering all possibilities, click AutoSelect
Review the photos Accepted by the AI and star/color rate them with same Lightroom shortcuts

Updating Lightroom Metadata
Click on Export & export to lightroom

This will write XMP with the metadata inside the same directory. Lightroom and other editors can read XMP and hence every color/rating can be taken to Lightroom.

Go to Lightroom and Read Metadata

Now your Lightroom will be updated by colors/ratings that you have marked in FilterPixel

Updated on: 27/12/2022

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