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How to use FilterPixel?

Culling can be a nightmare without a workflow. A clear workflow can turn a five hours of job in a few minutes.

Learn how to cull photos using FilterPixel with a manual workflow and AI workflow:

Manual Cull-out Workflow

In Manual cull-out workflow we go through all of our photos and reject the ones which we don't want.
The decisions are faster as rejecting the bad images is easier by the subconscious rather than making the best choice without narrowing them down.
Hence, Manual Cull out workflow is easy but more time-consuming.

AI Culling Workflow

But with AI Culling workflow in FilterPixel, we just have to go through the selected photos by the AI instead of all the photos and reject the ones which we don't want.
Hence this workflow is the easiest and fastest way to cull through the photos.

How to use AI Culling workflow in FilterPixel?

Let's break down the workflow into few simple steps:

Import the photos

You can drag/drop the folder containing your RAW files or JPEGs directly from your drive or SD card.


Once the import is done, you should be able to see the previews of your photos instantaneously.

AutoSelect Images

After the import, you will see that the AI will automatically start culling your photos and filter-out your images into three piles.
The culling progress bar will start updating the status of the time remaining in culling your photos.

You can enjoy this time with your family, grow your business or create a cup of coffee

After the culling is completed, it will be shown as with the status as culling completed.
Culling completed

Now, you can AutoSelect - which picks one best photo from a series of similar photos. It also picks all photos which does not have any alternatives.
All the picked photos are put into the Accepted View.


Review & Cull

You can go to the Accepted Pile and start your review process from here.
You can start navigating photos and can check their respective faces without even going to full screen view.

Review Faces using Face View

If you are not satisfied with the selected image and want to see the alternatives, click on the on the top left of the photo for Survey mode. (or Press S)

View duplicates by clicking on the top left of the image

For any image that you don't like, you can press X on Keyboard.

After you have culled your photos and have decided your final selections, you are done with culling and just need your final step.


You can now export your accepted files directly into Lightroom or a local hard drive.


The AI culling workflow is a four step process that helps you structure you the culling if you use the above steps.

Updated on: 27/12/2022

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