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How to setup & use Expert Profile in FilterPixel Edits?

FilterPixel Edits is an AI-powered plugin for Lightroom Classic that helps photographers edit their photos automatically using AI.

You can either use expert profiles or create your own custom profiles that can be used to edit photos based on your editing style.

To create your own model, you need a Lightroom catalog with at least 5,000 photos with smart previews. However, you can also test out the expert profiles on the go to edit photos.

How to install the FilterPixel Edits plugin in Lightroom Classic?
To install the plugin, sign up here and get the download link.

How to login in the FilterPixel edits Plugin?
1. Go to Files —> Plugin Extras.
2. Click on “Edit with FilterPixel”.
3. FilterPixel window will open with a login page. Click on “Sign Up” right below it and enter the details to sign up.
After signing up, you can now go back to the login page and enter the same details to log in.

How to use Expert Profiles in FilterPixel edits?

1. Go to the Lightroom library and select all the photos you want to edit.
2. Go to Files —> Plugin Extras.
3. Click on “Edit with FilterPixel”.
4. The FilterPixel Edits screen will open with different profiles on the side. You can preview the before and after results of those profiles and choose according to your liking.

5. After you have decided on the profile, you can click on “Start Editing”.
6. FilterPixel edits will start editing your photos in Lightroom and after the editing is done, you can click on “Close and Review” to go back to Lightroom Classic.
7. After coming back to Lightroom Classic, you will notice all your photos being edited according to the profile you have selected. You can review them and make any changes according to your liking.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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